Get Moving With Us!

Hip and Heart Movement Studio offers a variety of fun fitness-minded classes for people of all body types and abilities. From tribal stylebellydance to barre, Zumba and Burlesque, you’re sure to find something to get you moving. To register, just show up! Any cancellations will be posted on our Facebook page. Class passes are available for purchase here for Bellydance with Laura, Burlesque, and Barre. For Bellydance with Omaris, passes can be purchased directly from the instructor.

Class Schedule (starting June 1st!): 

6 pm – Zumba with Randy
7 pm – Beginner Basic Bellydance with Laura

6 pm – Zumba – Rotating Instructor
7 pm – Beg./Intermediate Tribal Bellydance with Laura
8 pm – Advanced ATS® Bellydance with Laura

6 pm – Zumba with Randy
7 pm – Burlesque Basics with Rachel/Hayley

6 pm – Zumba with Heather
7 pm – Classic Egyptian Bellydance with Omaris (Hip and Heart Passes do not apply. Please see Omaris for registration details.)

6 pm – Zumba with Karen/Monte

9 am – Zumba with Randy
10 am – Gentle Barre with Laura


3 pm – Barre and Stretch with Laura