Children may only attend a class with a responsible adult. Children must be participating in the class and cannot be a distraction to the instructor or other participants. If a child is disruptive, the instructor may ask both the child and participant adult to leave. Child care is NOT provided.


Please respect the instructor and other participants by arriving to class on time. If you arrive early, you are welcome to wait outside in the courtyard or in your car. In the case of inclement weather, you may come inside and line the side and rear walls. However, if you come inside to wait for your class, please do NOT be loud or otherwise disruptive. Please do not come more than 10 minutes late for class. If no one shows up and it is already 10 minutes into class time, the instructor may leave.

Class Passes

Generally speaking, there are NO refunds for class passes. The owner may grant partial refunds, transfers, and/or extensions due to significant illness or family emergency on a CASE-BY-CASE basis. Simply not being able to make it to class on a certain day is not a reason for a refund. PLEASE REGISTER RESPONSIBLY. Class pass expirations are as follows:

5 class – 45 days from date of purchase
10 class – 90 days from date of purchase
No credit for unused limited workshop series classes unless with instructor approval.
Unlimited passes expire at the end of the specified term. NO EXCEPTIONS.

You may extend a 5 or 10 class pass for an additional 30 days one time with an additional $10 fee.

There are NO refunds for private lesson tuition.


All classes need a minimum of 3 participants to run (unless otherwise stated). In the event that 2 or fewer participants are in attendance, the instructor has the right to cancel the class. The instructor will wait 10 minutes after the scheduled class time to cancel class due to non-attendance.  So, if you want to go to class, please try to make it on time!