Please note that this class does not cover ballroom/partner Samba.

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Transport yourself to Carnaval in Rio every week with Samba at Hip & Heart! We meet Sundays from 3:30-4:45pm, and the next session begins on 1/13/19.

Samba is a beautiful & exciting dance from Brazil that combines African, European, and Indigenous elements. In Brazil and all over the world, Samba is loved for both its athletic power and its healing energy, and the true spirit of Samba is that anybody can dance!

In our first session of 2019, we will drill basics, working up to combos and even improvisation. This course is perfect for beginners or for those wishing to refine their technique after the holiday break. Options for making exercises less or more challenging will always be offered; however, since this is a dance class, no matter what your level, you will sweat!

Please wear comfortable workout clothing and bring water to class. Students may wear sneakers or dance shoes (ballet slippers, jazz shoes, etc.) to class (bare feet are also OK if students are used to dancing barefoot; however it is recommended to at least bring socks in case you have trouble pivoting on the floor).